Although I have a hard time showing it sometimes, I truly reflect in amazement on you life and am so inspired by your love, creativity, spontaneity, strength, courage, and desire to make family and travel your priorities! *I look at these photos and see such a fun young woman you were and still remain to be! I will try to remember to be light hearted, fun and adventurous, like I see in you in these photos. *It’s amazing that you went through the loss of our dad at such a young age and came out strong.
*its amazing they you started living in you own and supporting your self in your teens.
*it is amazing that you decided it was important to put my through piano lessons, band, and french horn lessons, to pave the road to where I am today. *its amazing that you raised 3 children and continue to take care of your mom, and me!
*its amazing that you have sent me traveling to so many countries and states at such a young age.
*its amazing that you allow me to be your room mate these years and share your home with me.
*its amazing how much you care
*its amazing how deep your emotions run.
*its amazing that after all that has happened to us as a family, you still make the effort to be there for all of us, at any moment, no matter what.