I’m collecting old guitars like this one to transform into new pieces of art! *let me know if you see a neglected guitar at a thrift store and I’ll come pick it up! Or if you have a POC guitar you don’t want anymore 🤣

Turning this cute little guitar into a new piece of art! Stay tuned! This morning I sanded it down and painted it black. I’ll be adding some new designs to pop against the black. 
Make time for an art project on a daily. Not only is it fun but it is therapeutic! It reduces stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self esteem, provides a sense of accomplishment, distracts thoughts of illness, improves your flow of spontaneity, expresses grief, and even improves lymphocyte cell counts in the body, which is the impact on cells to improve your immune system! 🥳 “Art speaks where words are unable to explain” - unknown