I absolutely love the message this artist is conveying. Personally, the most important life lesson I’ve ever learned! @amandaoleander you have a brilliant mind! 
To me this image says the following: *no ones is coming to save you but you
*its up to you to create your reality *you could easily be consumed by your emotions, or you can choose to solve the problem *you have the ability to achieve the impossible *mind over matter
*your problems are not as big as they seem *histeria is debilitating *depression will make things seems impossible
*you have the ability to change your reality and the way you perceive a situation *if you don’t try, you will definitely fail, but if you try, you have a chance to succeed!
THIS IMAGE IS SO INSPIRING! 🧡💛❤️💛🧡❤️💛🧡❤️💛🧡❤️💛🧡❤️