I’m honored to have performed The National Anthem at the Rays vs Boston Red Sox game! An amazing experience and quite the intense feeling to sing in front of thousands of people! In the end I was just so focused on doing a good job with the song, the amount of people watching was irreverent to me lol. But I made it through the most important song without missing a lyric and executed all the ranges. Hurrah! 
BATTLE OF THE MIND *when you see people on TV saying “I never though I’d be standing here today” it’s the truth! You don’t realize and embrace what you have become because... we’ll, you’re just you! So never be afraid and always execute your craft! Other people will see an amazing singer, an amazing “_______” but in the end it’s just you. We all have the potential for greatness. Never let a failure stop you, use it as a lesson, a learning tool, and move forward. Nobody will remember your failures, those small things that don’t matter, only you will. Don’t let your mind sabotage you and let them go. The more you focus on them, the bigger they will become. Instead pour all your energy into the good things, the successes, the bigger picture! 😊💪🏻✌️ “We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins, overthinking, fantasizing, imagining, expecting, worrying, doubting...just let it naturally evolve” - unknown