🦂 *you don’t always have to be smiley and bubbly. Sometimes you just have quiet days, sad days, daydreaming day, confused days, rest days, days you can catch up. Some days you don’t know how you feel and no words can explain it. Hence this photo, just meditative. Not smiling, not frowning, or maybe if you are like me, your resting face looks like a frown lol. And sometimes you might get tired of smiling for a while, and that’s ok. Rest. Instagram has become such a false representation of natural life and it may seem like you need to be perfect. Although it is good to surround yourself with positivity, and positive insta posts are great for that! So post what you will and enjoy those perfect feeds by influencers. But know what you see in the surface isn’t what it seems. 
Today is Saturday, a day of rest for and rehabilitation for me and maybe I will spend it in nature or with family and friends or writing new music and eating good food. You have ultimate control of your feelings and what happened today. All you have to do is harness that power and use it! 💪🏻✨ Some of my favorite quotes: “The mind is everything; what you think, you will become” - Abraham / Esther and Jerry Hicks “You are the only one who creates your experience-no one else” - Abraham / Esther and Jerry Hicks